The Messenger Network is an Internet technology and marketing company that offers programs for everyday people to become messengers and share their message with the world. These programs are for messengers who are just starting their journey and for the experienced messengers who want to take their "message sharing" to a whole new level.

Websites, trainings, cutting-edge technologies and tools are created by the Messenger Network to give messengers different options in sharing their message. A messenger can then sign up for simple accounts to prepare and share their message. They can also sign up for trainings that will teach them how to use these different technologies and programs.

The programs of the Messenger Network are desgined to save a messenger valuable time and money. What would normally cost a messenger many thousands of dollars, only costs them a small fee each month to use and the trainings, ranging in price, will save a messenger thousands of dollars in time and money.

The Messenger Network was founded by Robert Evans, also the creator of the powerful manifesting process The Habit of Attraction. Robert works with a group of messengers called the Messenger Network Consultants, to create and offer these amazing programs.

Robert believes that a growing number of Messengers sharing empowering and life changing messages will contribute to a growing collective energy that can truly have a profound effect on our human experience. Robert believes that we are destined for a New Human Experience. This will happen as more people step into the messenger role, where touching even one person has a massive impact on the world as a whole.

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