The books being written in this program by these amazing messengers will stand on their own as powerful life changing messages. The goal of this program, in addition to supporting the 90 day writing and publishing of these books, is to take the messages in the books to the next level of effectiveness and connection. There are two technologies that will be connected to each book:

1) Online Book Environment

It is one experience to read a message in a book and another to read the message and ask the question "How does this apply to my life?" Each Messenger Mini-Book connects to an online environment that contains questions and exercises written by the author so you, as the reader, can personalize the message to your own life. This online journal is free to every reader of a mini-book and uses a cutting-edge message and journal technology to provide that personal experience.

2) The Pass Along Book Tracking System

We invite every mini-book reader to pass the book along to someone they know after they are done reading the book. The Pass Along Technology will then allow each reader to track the path of the book; where that book came from, where it will go as it is passed along from one person to the next and what people thought of the messages in the book. The purpose of this technology is to show each reader how simple it is to change lives just by passing a message along to one person and then let it "domino" from there to other people's lives. A fun and powerful way to Be The Source in the lives of others.

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